Our Publications

These are the publications that LightSpeed has had a hand in producing, ranging from packaging to editing.
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BenBella Books (editing)

Change Maker (John Berardi, PhD, TBA)
Being Super Woman (Nicole Lapin, TBR 9/2019)
Ludicrous (Edward Niedermeyer, TBR 8/2019)
Baby, Don't Hurt Me (Chris Kattan, 2019)
Goodbye Homeboy (Steve Mariotti, Debra Devi, TBR 8/2019)
Darkness to Light (Lamar Odom and Chris Palmer, TBR 5/2019)
RatSnakes (Vincent A. Cefalu, TBR 5/2019)
Wealth Made Easy (Greg Reid and Gary Krebs, 2019)
Space 2.0 (Rod Pyle, 2019)
How to Better at Almost Anything (Pat Flynn, 2019)
Up in Arms (John Temple, TBR 6/2019)
Muscular Portfolios (Brian Livingston, 2018)
Man Up! (Bedros Keuilian [initial dev], 2018)
Breakfast with Einstein (Chad Orzel, 2018)
The King of Con (Thomas Giacomaro & Natasha Stoynoff, 2018)
When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to Eleven (Philip Moriarty, 2018)
The Dawn Prayer (Matthew Schrier, 2018)
The Healthiest People on Earth (John Howard Weeks, dev edit, 2018)
Strange Survivors (Oné R. Pagán, 2018)
Target 100 (Liz Josefsberg, 2017)
Ready, Fire, Aim (Melissa Carbone, 2017)
The Forgetting Machine (Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, 2017)
Strange Beautiful Music (Joe Satriani and Jake Brown, Revised edition, edited new material, 2017)
The Improv (Budd Friedman and Tripp Whetsell, 2017)
The New Pioneers (J.P. Faber, 2017)
Moral Combat (P. Markey and C. Ferguson, 2017)
The Cell (Joshua Z. Rappoport, 2017)
Sweet, Savory, and Free (Debbie Adler, 2017)
Shut Up and Cook! (Erica Reid, 2017)
Avery (Ken Kratz, 2017)
Scores (Michael D. Blutrich, 2017)
The Real Madrid Way (Steven G. Mandis, 2016)
Ali vs. Inoki (Josh Gross, 2016)

GirlFridaytitlesGirl Friday Productions (copyediting)
More information about these titles can be found on Amazon.com

A Cold Trail (Robert Dugoni, TBR 2/2020)
Bridge 108 (Anne Charnock, TBR 1/2020)
A Fist or a Heart
(Kristín Eiríksdóttir, tr. by Larissa Kyzer, TBR, 9/2019)
The Mithras Conspiracy (M. J. Polelle, 2019)
The Eighth Sister (Robert Dugoni, Thomas & Mercer, 2019)
Aftershocks (Marko Kloos, 47 North, TBR 7/2019)
No One Is Listening (Matthew Sanchez)
The Shotgun Lawyer (Victor Methos, Thomas & Mercer, 2018)
The Shattered Mirror (Sarah Price,  Waterfall Press, 2018)
The Infinite Pieces of Us (Rebekah Crane, Skyscape, 2018)
The Second Time Around (Herkness, Montlake Romance, 2018)
Irreconcilable Politics (Michael Hutchins, Deerbridge Press,  2018)
A Steep Price
(Robert Dugoni, Thomas & Mercer, 2018)
Matchmaking for Beginners
(Maddie Dawson, Lake Union Publishing, 2018)
Against the Inquisition
(English edition: Marcos Aguinis, Carolina
             De Robertis, translator, AmazonCrossing, 2018)
Running in the Dark
(Sam Reaves, Thomas & Mercer, 2018)
Bury What We Cannot Take
(Kirstin Chen, Little A, 2018)
A Gambler's Jury (Victor Methos,  Thomas & Mercer, 2018)
Losing Leah Holloway (Lisa Reagan, Thomas & Mercer, 2017)
Heavenly Blues (Sarah Price, Waterfall Press, 2017)
Close to Home (Robert Dugoni,  Thomas & Mercer, 2017)
Finding Claire Fletcher (Lisa Regan, Thomas & Mercer, 2017)
Mad City (Michael Arntfield,  Little A, 2017)
Journey to Love
(Christina Houri, private printing)
The Man of Legends
(Kenneth Johnson, 47North, 2017)
Fate of Devotion (K.F. Breene, 47North, 2017)
Surfing with Snakes and Dragons (R.J. Couture, private printing)
Only She Sees (Manel Loureiro and Andrés Alfaro, tr., AmazonCrossing, 2017)
Hope's Peak (Tony Healey, Thomas & Mercer, 2017)
The Trapped Girl
(Robert Dugoni, Thomas & Mercer, 2017)
The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland (Rebekah Crane, Skyscape, 2016)
Ambition Addiction
(Benjamin Shalva, Grand Harbor Press, 2016)
Black Diamond (Susannah Sandlin, Montlake Romance, 2016)
The Survivor's Guide to Family Happiness (Maddie Dawson, Lake Union Publishing, 2016)
Welcome to Deadland (Zachary Tyler Linville, Nerdist, 2016)
Breaking and Holding (Judy Fogarty, Lake Union Publishing, 2016)

becker&mayer! (copyediting)
More information about these titles can be found on Amazon.com

Editing for b&m
It’s Saturday Morning! Celebrating the Golden Era of Cartoons 1960–1990

(Joe Garner & Michael Ashley, TBR 10/2018)
Vault of Frankenstein (Paul Ruditis, TBR 9/2018)
Follow Me (Tiffany Snow, Montlake Romance, 2016)
This Loving Feeling (Miranda Liasson, Montlake Romance, 2016)
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary (details TBA)
Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny (Joe Garner, Jeff Gordon Inc., 2016)
In the Barren Ground (Loreth Anne White, Montlake Romance, 2016)
Don't Say a Word (Jennifer Jaynes, Thomas & Mercer, 2016)
Jilo (J.D. Horn, 47North, 2016)
When Shadows Come (Vincent Zandri, Thomas & Mercer, 2016)
New Charity Blues (Camille Griep, 47North, 2016)
Lost in Her (Sandra Owens, Montlake Romance, 2016)
An Invisible Client (Victor Methos, Thomas & Mercer, 2016)
Falcone Strike (Christopher Nuttall, 47North, 2016)
Out of the Shadows (Tiffany Snow, Montlake Romance, 2015)
In the Waning Light (Loreth Anne White, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Shivaree (J.D. Horn, 47North, 2015)
This Love of Mine (Miranda Liasson, Montlake Romance, 2015)
What We Left Behind (revised edition, Amazon Publishing Svcs., Peter Cawdron, 2015)
Black Tuesday (Bob Mayer, 47North, 2015)
Oncoming Storm (Christopher Nuttall, 47North, 2015)
Falling for Her (Sandra Owens, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Highlander Undone (Connie Brockway, Montlake Romance, 2015)
She's Not There (P.J. Parrish, Thomas & Mercer, 2015)
Going Home (James D. Shipman, Lake Union Publishing, 2015)
Ronald Reagan Treasures (Editors, Thunder Bay Press, 2015)
About That Fling (Tawna Fenske, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Master of Formalities (Scott Meyer, 47North, 2015)
What I Like About You (Shelly Alexander, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Atlas 3 (Isaac Hooke, 47North, 2015)
Twisted (Andrew E. Kaufman, Thomas & Mercer, 2015)
This Thing Called Love (Miranda Liasson, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Chasing Claire (Paula Marinaro, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Threshold (G.M. Ford, Thomas & Mercer, 2015)
The Altar Girl (Orest Stelmach, Thomas & Mercer, 2015)
The Time Patrol—Area 51, The NightStalkers (Bob Mayer, 47North, 2015)
This Is Your Destiny (Denise Grover Swank, 47North, 2015)
Blood of the Faithful (Michael Wallace, Thomas & Mercer, 2015)
Someone Like Her (Sandra Owens, Montlake Romance, 2015)
Atlas 2 (Isaac Hooke, 47North, 2014)
Atlas (Isaac Hooke, 47North, 2014)
The Neon Lawyer (revised ed. Victor Methos, Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
In His Shadow (Tiffany Snow, Montlake Romance, 2014)
Raine Falling  (Paula Marinaro, Montlake Romance, 2014)
The Songbird's Seduction (Connie Brockway,  Montlake Romance, 2014)
Marvel: The Avengers Vault (Peter A. David, Thunder Bay Press, 2015)
The Art Whisperer (Charlotte & Aaron Elkins, Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
Demons of the Hellmouth (Nancy Holder; Titan Books, 2015)
The Boy Who Glowed in the Dark (Orest Stelmach, Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
This Laird of Mine (Gerri Russell, Montlake Romance, 2014)
Obsidian Curse—A Stacey Justice Mystery (Barbra Annino, Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
Plaster City (Johnny Shaw, Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
The Bird Eater (Ania Ahlborn, 47North, 2014)
Wide Asleep (Nick Nolan, Lake Union Publishing, 2014)
Lost City (Jay Stringer, Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
St. Nick (Alan Russell, Thomas & Mercer, 2013)


Directly for Authors

Out of Spite: Out of Mind, Magic 2.0, Book 5 (Scott Meyer, book edition, TBD)
Flight and Fight: Magic 2.0, Book 4:  (Scott Meyer, book edition, 2017)
The Authorities (Scott Meyer, 2016)

Sidekick vs. Henchman (Stephen Friedman, TBD)

Blood of the Oak

Counterpoint Press (copyedit)

Blood of the Oak (Eliot Pattison, 2016)

Sterling Publishing, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble (packaging)


White Belt Kakuro compilation (Conceptis Puzzles; Fall River, 2017, proofreading)
The Engineering Book (Marshall Brain; Sterling Publishing, 2015)
The Biology Book (Michael Gerald; Sterling Publishing, 2015)
The Psychology Book (Wade E. Pickren; Sterling Publishing, 2014)
Puppy Love: How Cute Puppies Meet (Sterling Publishing, 2014)
Kitty Love: How Cute Kittens Play (Sterling Publishing, 2014)
Challenging Sudoku 1 (Frank Longo; Fall River, 2013)
Ultimate Kakuro Puzzles (Conceptis Puzzles; Fall River, 2013)
Brain Puzzlers (Paul Sloan and Des MacHale; Fall River, 2013)
Crossword Puzzles (Francis Heaney, Frank Longo, Trip Payne,
            Nancy Cole Stuart, David Levinson Wilk; Fall River 2013)
Gigantic Book of Acrostics (Michael Ashley; Fall River/bind-up edition, 2013)
Gigantic Book of Crosswords (Harvey Estes, Patrick Blindauer &
            Martin Ashwood-Smith; Fall River, 2013)
Gigantic Book of Sudoku (Frank Longo; Fall River, 2013)
Sinister Sudoku Challenge (Frank Longo; Fall River, 2013)
Delish The Diabetes Cookbook (Editors of Delish/Hearst, 2013)
Delish Just Four Ingredients Fast (Editors of Delish/Hearst, 2013)
Delish Family Slow Cooker (Editors of Delish/Hearst, 2012)
Delish A Home-Baked Christmas (Editors of Delish/Hearst, 2012)
Samurai Sudoku Challenge (Frank Longo; Fall River, 2012)
Wacky Large Print Word Search (Mark Danna; Fall River, 2012)
World's Coolest Crosswords (Jordan, Estes, Ross, & Rosen; Fall River, 2012)
Ultimate Large Print Sudoku (Patrick Blindauer; Fall River, 2012)
World's Best Large Print Crosswords (Pete Naish; Fall River, 2012)
Extreme Sudoku (Frank Longo; Fall River/bind-up edition, 2012)
Easy Breezy Sudoku (Frank Longo; Fall River, 2012)
Brain Workout: Cryptograms (Hook & Kennedy; Fall River, 2012)
Delish Cooking School (Editors of Delish/Hearst, 2012)
Delish Cupcakes By Color (Editors of Delish/Hearst, 2012)
Glass Half Full (Kevin Zraly, release date TBA)
The Coach's Companion (Vol 2): Winning Baseball for Intermediate to
College Level (Trent Mongero, 2012)
The Coach's Companion (Vol 1): Winning Baseball for Beginner to
Intermediate Play (Trent Mongero, 2011)
Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again (Gary Calamar
            & Phil Gallo, 2010–cloth, 2012–trade paperback)
Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon (Harvey Kubernik,
            2009–cloth, 2012–trade paperback)
Housebuilding, A Do-It-Yourself Guide, Revised & Expanded Edition
            (R. J. DeCristoforo, 2007)
Room by Room: Kitchens (Lillian Hayes Martin, 2008)
Room by Room: Bathrooms (Caren Johnson, TBD)
Mandalas in Nature (Sonia Waleyla, 2010)
Meditative Mazes & Labyrinths (Cassandra Wass, 2009)
Building the Best You (Caroline Harper, 2008)
Master Juggling (Cassandra Beckerman, 2009)
Art of the Celtic Spirit (Sterling Innovation, 2008)
Art of the Mandala (Adrienne Burke, 2007)
SpeedSolving the Cube (Dan Harris, 2008, production)
Get Your House Right (Marianne Cusato, 2008, dev edit)
Scrabble Score & Tile Tracker (Sterling Innovation, 2007)
Up Close: Submarines, Fighter Planes, Fire Engines & Heavy Equipment
            (Andra Serlin Abramson, 2007)
Fearless Fix-Ups (Cheri VanBynen, dev./content edit, writing)

International Masters Publishing (Continuity cards, 1999—2004)

At Home with Your PC (American adaptation: 90 packs, 10 cards per pack; April 1999—Sept. 2001)
Your PC Made Easy with Windows XP (50 packs, 10 cards per pack; Jan. 2002—Sept. 2004)
1-2-3 Smile (Pilot test, 2003)


LSP pubs

LightSpeed Publishing
(self-published books)

Coin and Stamp Collector's Electronic Album (Mark Rose, Gordon White, 1996)
Digital Crystal Ball (Guy D. Smith, 1996)
Fantasy Sports Front Office (John Crudo, 1997)

MicrosoftbooksMicrosoft Press

PhotoDraw 2000 by Design (William Tait, 1999)
Microsoft A+ Certification Training Kit (Microsoft Press, 1999)
Official Microsoft NetMeeting Book (Bob Summers, 1998)
Microsoft Liquid Motion by Design (Gavin Schmitz, 1998)
Stupid Web Tricks (Jim Buyens, 1998)

PeachpitbooksPeachpit Press

PhotoDeluxe Visual QuickStart (Ted & Jennifer Alspach, 1998)
Acrobat 3 Visual QuickStart (Ted Alspach, 1997)
Real World Bryce 2 (Susan A. Kitchens, 1997)
Real World After Effects (Sherry London, 1997)
PageMaker 6.5 for Mac Visual QuickStart (Ted Alspach, 1997)
PageMaker 6.5 for Windows Visual QuickStart (Ted Alspach, 1997)
Photographer's Digital Studio (Joe Farace, 1996)
Windows 95 Is Driving Me Crazy! (Kay Nelson, 1996)
Illustrator 6 Book (Deke McClelland, 1996


New World Library (Editing)

Miracles Of Mind (Russell Targ and Jane Katra, 1998)
The Whole Mind (Lynette Bassman, 1998)
A Visionary Life (Marc Allen, 1997)
Essential Aromatherapy (Susan Worwood, 1997)

CoriolisCoriolis Group

ISP Black Book (Dee-Ann LeBlanc, 1999)
Access 2000 Blue Book  (Wayne F. Brooks, Lars Klander, 1999)
Game Developer’s Marketplace (B. Sawyer, A. Dunne, T. Berg, 1998)
Oracle8 PL/SQL Black Book (Mark Gokman, Jonathan Ingram, 1998)
Visual Basic Exam Cram (Michael MacDonald, 1998)


Visual Basic 5, No Experience Required (Steve Brown, 1997)
Mastering Visual Basic 5 (Evangelos Petroutsos, 1997)

VentanaVentana Communications

Fractal Design Painter 5 F/X (Rhoda Grossman and Sherry London, 1997)


Unfair Advantage: The Savvy Parents’ Guide to Education (1996)

IQue Incorporated

User guide and promotional material for Smart.ALX Plus version 6 Software (1996)

ughWaite Group Press

Web Publisher's Construction Kit with HTML 3.2, (David Fox, Troy Downing, 1996)
Web Publisher's Construction Kit with VRML/Live 3D (David Fox, Phil Shaddock, 1996)
Java Primer Plus (P.  Tyma, G. Torok, T. Downing, 1996)
HTML Web Publisher's Construction Kit (David Fox, 1995)
(As former Editor-in-Chief of WGP, LSP’s Scott Calamar
directly developed over 30 additional titles)

EarthshineEarthshine Productions

Earthshine Productions is my local (dba) company for producing web sites and music. For close to eight years (beginning in May 2007) I created and maintained AshlandLiveMusic.com, a very popular calendar listing site of live entertaiment in Southern Oregon. Most of the recent web sites I've created have been for musicians or related businesses. I have also written music columns and articles for local publications including Sneak Preview (I was their music editor for a while), and perform my original songs in Rogue Valley venues with my band Wine Without Reason.

Active web sites:
Wine Without Reason (band)
Jim Quinby (musician)
Grant Ruiz (musician)
Tim Church (musician)
Stinky Metal Works
Mountain Air Systems
KerryClicks Photography
The Smatter Site (band)
Massage by Angelina
Earthshine Productions
Ashland Live Music/SouthernOregonLiveMusic (on hiatus)
LightSpeed Publishing (this site)

Defunct (archived):
Cindy DeGroft (musician)
Sugar Rush (band)
Smoky Red (band)
Dolls By Marca
Curtiss Printing
Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau
Magliulo's—A Sonoma County B&B
Union Local 38, San Francisco